Client’s Reviews

Client’s Reviews

“Great tours, knowledgeable instructors, excellent gear, and strict protocols for inclement weather. Highly recommend!”

I had a fantastic experience with Dolomitour. From the moment I booked till the end of my trip, their team displayed high professionalism. They offered a variety of well-planned tours that catered to different skill levels, ensuring that everyone had a fun and safe adventure. Their ski instructors were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, providing valuable tips and insights that made the experience even better. All the gear was in excellent condition, and they had strict protocols in place for dealing with inclement weather. Overall, it was a great experience that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to any skiing enthusiast.

Stephen (New York)

“Good food, great skiing, and stunning landscape. The best dolomites adventure!”

I had a great adventure with Dolomitour, and I highly recommend them. They took us to the best restaurants in the Dolomites, where we enjoyed delicious local food. The ski experience was the highlight of the trip. The beautiful landscape made it even more enjoyable, and the ski instructors gave us great tips to improve our skills. If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure in the Dolomites, Dolomitour is the way to go.

Sophie (Montreal)


Visit the Dolomites with us and experience our exceptional service. A 95% guest satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

“I am so happy I choose Dolomitour for My Vacation.”

My experience with Dolomitour during my holiday was exceptional. The team’s guidance and knowledge allowed me to fully immerse myself in the breathtaking beauty of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The ski instructors provided valuable insights and their expertise made every moment remarkable. I recommend them for an unmatched mountain adventure that will leave a lasting impression.

Mara (Los Angeles)

“The Best Ski tour ever!”

I loved my Dolomitour experience! The Sellaronda ski tour was amazing with well-maintained trails, stunning Dolomites views, and a perfect balance of excitement and relaxation. The ski instructors were professional and friendly, ensuring our safety while allowing us to fully enjoy skiing. Highly recommend Dolomitour for an excellent skiing experience.!

Brian (London)